Conference Program

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Learning Objectives

Learning objectives for each session will address one or more of the following:

  • List and describe one or more SURVIVOR/RESCUER stories that can be used to illustrate an effective chain of survival for cardiac arrest.

  • List and describe how to implement three (3) NEW effective CPR training techniques in your hospital/EMS system or community.

  • Describe three (3) effective community-wide implementation strategies that improve sudden cardiac survival rates.

  • Describe three (3) ways that MEDIA can improve the number of people trained in CPR and willing to act in an emergency.

  • Share and understand three (3) best practices for innovative implementation of the 2015 AHA CPR and ECC Guidelines in your hospital EMS system or community.

Continuing Education Accreditation - Nurses and Emergency Medical Services

Continuing Education Accreditation

The ECCU program is approved by the Center for Healthcare Education, Inc. for continuing education credit for EMTs, Paramedics and Nurses. Center for Healthcare Education, Inc. is a nationally recognized provider of quality continuing education courses. The content of each session and qualifications of each speaker have been approved by a panel of medical experts to ensure participants receive-up-to-date information relevant to the practice of emergency medicine and pre-hospital care. Participants will receive hour for hour continuing education credit for successful completion as required by national regulatory agencies. International participants will receive an official certificate upon completion that meets and exceeds continuing education requirements established by the United States. Accreditation is provided for Nurses (CEP# 11246) and EMT/Paramedics (CAEMSA# 33-0011) through the Center for Healthcare Education, Inc.